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How We Help

Benefits of Catalyst

Below are some of the benefits our clients have experienced from working with Catalyst:

1:1 Support thru Setbacks
Structure and Accountability
Tame Overwhelm + Anxiety
Optimize Habits and Routines
5x - 10x Cheaper than Coaching
Build a Stronger Team + Company
Conversations That Will Change Your Life

How It Works

Our evidence-based solution in 3 easy steps:

1️⃣ Match with and meet your coach weekly for 25 minutes to:

  🤔 Reflect on your past week and organize your thoughts
  🧠 Talk through startup stress, doubts, conflicts, and setbacks
  📅 Identify and time block your most important goals + habits

2️⃣ Your coach's clone guides you through daily morning and night routines to:

  ☀️ Timeblock goals and prep you mentally for the day
  🌙 Unwind and reflect at night through journaling and talking
  🗣️📱 All through voice or text, whichever you prefer

3️⃣ Repeat for accountability, clarity, and mental support 24/7!


Catalyst helped me re-established control over my days by planning and adhering to a steady sleep and work schedule through reflective conversations. The advice was always practical and personalized. The service had a profound positive effect on my day-to-day life.”

Rafael Schnur
Equity Derivatives Trader, Independent

“As a tech entrepreneur, Catalyst has helped me focus on the most important goals of each day while maintaining healthy habits.

With consistent feedback and accountability from my coach and clone duo, I am able to commit to a routine of time blocking, defining and achieving my most important goals, and reflecting on my performance every day.

Since joining, my mental health, productivity, and work life balance have improved drastically, leading to significant progress in my startup.”

Pinkesh Zaveari
CEO of Leafs Mental Health

“Catalyst and Michael helped me to achieve my most challenging and vital goals. I felt that I was in good hands and able to freely share my thoughts and difficulties with Michael. Having frequent contact made me feel accountable and also not alone. Michael also offered great ideas if ever I got a bit stuck. Catalyst is an excellent source of support and inspiration for challenging goals. I’ll definitely be using this service again.”

Jaine Urbanik
Mental Health Counselor

“Before working with Catalyst, I could not make satisfying progress towards my personal growth goals, including late sleep and wake times and a lack of planning. Catalyst helped me plan and stick to a consistent sleep routine and work schedule. My coach was diligent and motivational in his coaching and always willing to give actionable advice at the right time. Catalyst made me feel like I'm on a team working to achieve my goals.”

Ryan Persons
Computer Science Student at USC - San Diego

“I struggled for years to find the right accountability method to help me reach my goals. Catalyst's customized approach is what finally worked! Having someone check in with me frequently with encouragement, advice, and reflective questions nonjudgmentally provides both accountability and motivation. The number of times I've made myself complete a task or not eat that extra cookie because I knew my Catalyst would check-in... I'm definitely still a work in progress, but I've made more progress toward my goals since working with Catalyst than I have in years trying other methods.”

Melissa Lowery
Freelance Writer

"Catalyst is a great investment as someone transitioning careers and maintaining healthy habits, including exercise. I really appreciate how every interaction is handled by a caring coach who actively listens and asks thoughtful questions."

Joshua Ordehi
Aspiring Software Engineer (Self-taught)

“Catalyst helped me stayed centered and focused in the midst of overwhelm. As a student juggling multiple obligations, it helped me stay mindful of balancing my sleep alongside my studies.”

Anwulika Elliott
Derivatives Trader at Bank of America
We've helped a variety of changemakers worldwide make breakthroughs on their goals and take the next steps in their careers and businesses.


Increase in client satisfaction with health (sleep, diet, fitness) after using Catalyst


Hours saved by our clients per week on average after using Catalyst


Increase in client satisfaction with productivity after using catalyst
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Brightest Psychologists and Coaches


Joy McClure

PHD Social Psychology, McGill University
Prev. Lecturer at Columbia University
Professor at U. of Winnipeg

Elizabeth Dickinson

BA Education at Cambridge University
MA Psychology, Lesley University
Speaker, Author, and Coach

Serena DeStefani

BA Psychology, Columbia University
PHD Cognitive Psychology, Rutgers
Psychology Researcher
  • Human + Clone Coaching
  • Dedicated Human Coach
  • Four 1-on-1 Weekly Video Calls
  • 24/7 Access to Coach's Clone
  • Guided Morning + Night Routines
  • Goal Tracking
  • Journaling Tool



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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your Catalysts?

Our Catalysts are experienced American coaches, rigorously selected by our team, who've worked with professionals across various industries.

Is Catalyst an app?

Yes, we provide a web app that you can access on any device to connect and talk with your Catalyst. In addition, you will have have tools to track goals, time block them on your calendar, journal, and analyze all your own secured data for behavioral insights.

Do you only work with professionals in tech?

Most of our clients work in tech, but our clients come from all walks of life, employed and unemployed. We've worked with mental health professionals to ADHDers to traders and investment bankers to even Hollywood executives 🇺🇸🎥🎬

Is there a long term contract?

No, Catalyst offers flexible, month-to-month billing with no long-term contracts.

How long are the calls and what do they entail?

Each call with your human Catalyst lasts 25 minutes, while the morning and night routines with the clone are around 10 minutes each.

Will my Catalyst provide me with business or career advice?

Catalysts are experts in behavioral psychology and productivity. At Catalyst, we know that our clients know deep down what to do next. We facilitate a conversation and provide you with the tools that will help you successfully manuever in your business and career.